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"Where you've struggled the most, is where you have the most opportunity to help others."


Lived experience. Academic rigor. Professional triumph.

Some of the world’s most successful speakers, leaders, and coaches rely on just one of these credentials in their work. Lacy Dicharry combines all three to deliver empowerment and actionable insight to every audience

she reaches. 

A survivor of childhood trauma and the trials of the foster care system, Lacy’s story of personal strength and resilience began at a young age. Resulting battles with mental health and addiction were to follow. To some, a story of perseverance. For Lacy, a journey to becoming the person she was meant to be.

Lacy has earned designation as a Master of Business Administration, a dual Master of Science in both Counseling Psychology and Leadership and Human Resource Development, and is a PhD candidate in Leadership and Human Resource Development. Lacy is a certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. She serves as Adjunct Faculty at the LSU School of Leadership and Human Resource Development and also serves as Adjunct Faculty at UNC-Chapel Hill Center for Implementation Science. Her research centers on the same objective that forms the foundation of her career as both a speaker and workforce champion: revolutionizing leadership.

Lacy’s approach to leadership development fosters an environment where culture and collaboration flourish, creating a workplace where every voice is represented. She has been instrumental in transforming corporate environments, youth engagement efforts, and advocacy programs. She has worked across the U.S. and internationally in a variety of high-profile roles, bringing innovative solutions to high-stakes challenges. 


In research and practice, Lacy innovates approaches to transformational leadership and healing-centered leadership; Lacy Dicharry lives to empower others to transform the way they live, the way they lead, and the world around them. 


Lacy has dedicated her life to becoming a force for positive change in organizations around the world. Lacy is a fearlessly authentic leader, speaker, and individual. By sharing her challenges, her experiences, and her transformation with the world, Lacy connects with her audiences in a way nobody else does because she brings to her work what nobody else can.



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Complete speaking engagement form to help tailor the message to the needs of the target audience



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Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator


National Association of Professional Women, VIP Woman of the Year 2016


VOICE Award, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Awardee, August 2014


Pat Whelan Fund Scholarship - Recipient Attend International Foster Care Organization Conference, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, July 2011


Certified International Coach Federation (ICF)

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