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Want to be an authentic and courageous leader in every area of life?  Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, Dare to Lead™ is an empirically based courage building program designed to be facilitated by organizational development professionals. 


Whether you are an entrepreneur, CEO, team leader, parent, neighbor or friend, Dare to Lead™ will transform how you live and how you lead.

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Why Dare to Lead?

Leadership is not limited to a position.

Brené Brown defines a leader as “any person who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and has the courage to develop that potential.”

"This training was life changing for me. Lacy did such an amazing job guiding us through heavy topics like shame and vulnerability and created a safe space where we could all share and learn more about ourselves. I feel like this training has given me so much insight into the shame I carry, the story I tell myself and how to work through those things. I highly recommend taking this training with Lacy and be ready to be a stronger version of yourself at the end."

- Diana Cusumano

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We all have the capacity to be a leader in all areas of our life. Whether you’re a parent, neighbor, friend, or hold a position in a company, we are all leaders.


Who we are is how we lead. This means that wherever you may feel stuck, frustrated or not getting the results that you crave, Dare to Lead™ addresses these limitations and gives you the skills and tools to transform.


In your personal life, this means identifying and learning to live and lean into your values with intention and demonstrating compassion while having intimate — and at times difficult — conversations.

On a professional level, psychological safety is the # 1 indicator of productivity in teams. When we have work cultures driven by shame, fear, perfectionism, or avoidance of difficult conversation, we have compromised productivity, creativity, innovation and collaboration.

Companies that engage in leadership development outperform their competitors 13-fold in key metrics. 


Dare to Lead™ will transform how you live and how you lead in every aspect of your life and your work.



Increase your understanding of how personal values guide leadership, communication and decision making.


Get 1-1 coaching or join a group through the Dare to Lead program with Lacy.



Understand how trust is built and how the absence of trust can destroy your organization.

Learn how to ensure trust and build courageous cultures with your team.



Not sure which program is best for you or your team? Let Lacy guide you to the program with the most potential.

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